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Service concept
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Research and innovation
     Advanced equipment, personnel-intensive, high-impact the southeast coast, with independent research and development and market acceptance by large mold factory. Successful development of shoes each year over a dozen, including a large variety of manufacturers sought to emulate the style, especially the difficult and complex molds with a unique treatment program.
Advanced technology industries to the world created
     Emphasis on technology, innovation, service-oriented, market demand, as the source of innovation to create breakthrough products designed for the brand; the technology to promote sales, a research and development, production, marketing, engineering scale development pattern; to win the targets to humane management of the business ideas, continue to struggle, progress and maintain sustainable and rapid development of enterprises, stronger and bigger.
Spirit of service
* Heart:
     Means all employees of the heart in a highly responsible and sincere heart, heart to concentrate on customer service, you bring value to enjoy.
* Service:
     Change from passive to active care services, from pre-product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and after-sales service to the whole process of integration into customer care, enabling customers to purchase products, get out of the mold sincere feelings of expectations, thus enhancing Mold on brand loyalty sincerity.

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