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  Talent Strategy

Enterprise's powerful depends on long-term vision, sincere policymakers PE mould always with leading technology to keep pace, continuously improve management system, perfect the management idea, the idea as enterprise long-term development first key elements.

Sincere insist on "technology is beneficial mould soul, root, and innovation is talent is the" business philosophy, always take talents as the development of the enterprise the competitive business, the development of the company. Enterprise has formed and people dedicated, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of the good enterprise atmosphere. Sincere with its unique PE mould recruitment strategy, open career development space, excellent talents growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and humanistic enterprise culture idea, causes the enterprise to become talents converging highlands. A is for talent build good platform and development space - achieve career advancement opportunities; 2 it is within the scope of the enterprise executes various d.c. distribution policy - achieve treatment; couched Three is to create excellent culture atmosphere, unceasingly strengthens the enterprise internal affinity and cohesion - achieve culture attract. This "three couched" is the enterprise human resources management of the core location. About personnel selection, use, adhere to the fairness, justice and openness, the establishment of a scientific human resource management system, make each has the ability, enterprising person can in the construction of PE mould career sincerity use my ability, fulfillment ambitions.

Concept of talent: qualified for his job is talent  innovation is talent

The aim of the company is to make every employee in the company can achieve their goals, realize self-worth.

We hope to have more talents to join the ranks of the PE mould business sincerity, more attention to the

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